Mutant Maze

by Drone Ranger

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P4ked i remember in my youth, eating cereal at 7:30am, getting ready for school, and always staring at the stupid maze on the back of the box even though I'd seen it 100 times and it was always way too easy anyway. 7.6/10
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released April 7, 2015

Bill Fries - Guitars-Vox-Percussion-Sound FX
Mac Kennedy - Drums-Organs-Synths-Mellotron-Percussion-Vox
Andy Black - Bass



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Drone Ranger Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Drone Ranger guides Listless Missile down Harpoon Tunnel; broadcasts Slow Howlabunga.

Drone Ranger slowly took shape in the sludge pits of South Philadelphia. It's creators spent a year developing their sonic formula only to have their experiment turn on them. Their brains having been drained, its four disciples blare psychedelic hymns to prime fresh minds for the culling.
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Track Name: Graves
the head of the firing line digs my grave
and i'm stuck thinking about the ways that I can save my neck

i'm one of the living dead so line me up
and let the sweat drip from my brow when you blow off my head
off my head
off my head

so lay us down in the ground one by one
steal all the gold caps from my teeth and throw me in the dirt

i never thought we would die side by side
lap up the blood stains with my tongue put on my halo
Track Name: Mutant Maze
Here in the Mutant Maze
the dead-ends hold the answer.
As you steer through elusive haze;
The walls all bloat with cancer.
The labyrinth enhances.
Once you see it, know that its gone.
The exit has been long overgrown.
You feel it rolling along.
A gordian tumbleweed blowing away

Don’t believe me?
Show me I’m wrong.
The cancer must have rotted my mind I
feel it falling apart.
Spin my compass,
leave me behind…

(Here in the Mutant Maze)

I’m here in the Mutant Maze.
Where the dead-ends hold the answer.
Smeared through the putrid glaze;
Unholy necromancer.
Behold his ugly dances.

And they’ll eat you when I am gone.
They say they won't but goddamnit they’re lying.
I feel the current is strong.
a gordian tumbleweed blowing away
blowing away!
sowing dismay!
bloated ballet!
Track Name: Mega-Bed
gold teeth and dog's head
dream deep on mega-bed
so sweet my eyes bled

wrap me up in toilet paper
send me down the elevator
build my temple to the sky
top it off with a providence eye

clean me out and cover me with salt
clean me out and throw away my heart
clean me out and tear my soul apart

wrap me up in my finest clothes
pull my brains out of my nose
build my temple to the sky
top it off i'm ready to die

sea of slaves, 50 miles, pillows of stone piled high
sea of slaves, 500 miles, pillows of stone piled high
sea of slaves, 5000 miles, pillows of stone piled high
Track Name: Rays of Blight (Stanley Kunitz)
"The Layers" Stanley Kunitz